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1st Year/Inter Part i Date Sheet 2024 Sargodha Board

As the academic year 2022-23 progresses, students in Sargodha Board are gearing up for their 1st Year/Inter Part I Date Sheet Sargodha Board.

1st Year/Inter Part i Date Sheet  Sargodha Board

The Sargodha Board has announced the date sheet for the upcoming exams, and students are advised to start preparing accordingly. In this blog, we will discuss the date sheet in detail and provide some tips on how to prepare efficiently for the exam here at

The Sargodha Board has announced that the Inter Part-I examinations will commence on 18th May and continue until 4th June . The exams will be conducted in two shifts, with the morning shift starting at 8:30 AM and the afternoon shift starting at 1:30 PM.

The Date Sheet is as Follows

DateDayMorning ShiftAfternoon Shift
18th MayWednesdayPhysicsUrdu
19th MayThursdayEnglishComputer Science
20th MayFridayIslamic StudiesMathematics
21st MaySaturdayBiologyPunjabi
24th MayTuesdayChemistryCivics
25th MayWednesdayPakistan StudiesPsychology
26th MayThursdayHome EconomicsEconomics
27th MayFridayAccountingHealth & Physical Education
28th MaySaturdayStatisticsSociology
31st MayTuesdayBusiness MathematicsEducation
1st JuneWednesdayGeographyPhilosophy
2nd JuneThursdayArt & Model DrawingPersian
3rd JuneFridayHuman Rights & Gender StudiesArabic
4th JuneSaturdayMusicHistory

It is important to note that students should arrive at the examination center at least half an hour before the start of the exam. Latecomers will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

1st Year/Inter Part i Date Sheet Sargodha Board

Now that you have the date sheet, it’s time to start preparing. Here are some tips to help you prepare efficiently:

  1. Create a study schedule: With the date sheet in hand, create a study schedule that will allow you to cover all the subjects before the exams. Be sure to allocate enough time for each subject based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Use past papers: Past papers are an excellent resource for exam preparation. They help you understand the exam pattern and the types of questions that are asked. Try to solve as many past papers as possible.
  3. Focus on weak areas: Identify your weak areas and focus on them. Spend more time on subjects or topics that you find difficult.
  4. Take breaks: Studying for long periods without breaks can lead to burnout. Take regular breaks to give your brain time to rest and recharge.
  5. Stay healthy: Good health is crucial for exam success. Make sure you eat healthily, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.


In conclusion, the Sargodha Board Inter Part-I date sheet for has been announced, and students should start preparing accordingly. Create a study schedule, use past papers, focus on weak areas, take breaks, and stay healthy. With hard work and dedication, you can excel in your exams and achieve your academic goals. Good luck!

Azhar Ali
Azhar Ali
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