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New Fiqa Jafria Ramadan Calendar 2024 Pakistan | Sehri and Iftar Timings

Sehri Iftar Timings in Pakistan are provided here in this Fiqa Jafria Ramadan calendar . One of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar is Ramadan.

Regarded as one of the holiest months of the year. This is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it will always remain one of the most important ones.

Pakistan Shia New Ramadan Calendar

Depending on the crescent moon, the month lasts 29-30 days. On this site, you will find Shia Ramadan Timing Calendar For Karachi, Lahore, Sheri And Iftar. 

Ramada means scorching dryness and heat in Arabic, which is what Ramadan means. Those suffering from illness, pregnancy, diabetes, and menstruation are exempt from fasting.

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Alle Shia Ramadan Time Table Of Sehri & Iftar

Ramadan fasting was made mandatory during Shaban, the month before Ramadan began. When Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, they abstain from eating, drinking (water, milk, juice, etc.), smoking, and having sexual relations.

By insulting, backbiting, cursing, lying, and fighting, fasting can be negated. However, fasting is also known to have a spiritual reward, which is true during Ramadan. Muslim fasting includes offering prayers and reciting the Quran.

Fiqa Jafria Ramadan Calendar Pakistan Detail Information

What Is The Iftar Time In Fiqa Jafria Today?

In Lahore, Pakistan, we will start Ramadan on 27 May , 1438 Sehr o Iftar Ramadan Times are FIQA HANAFI SEHR at 3 in the morning, iftar at 7 in the evening, and FIQA JAFRI SEHR at 3 in the morning, iftar at 7 in the evening according to Fiqa Jafria Ramadan calendar .

Our team will keep you posted as soon as we know the time for Ramzan’s Sehr and Iftar. Lahore Ramadan timings – Observing the fasts throughout the holy month of Ramadan is no anymore a big deal. 

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