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How To Track NADRA ID Card Online 2024 | Check National ID Card Status

A service offered by NADRA allows citizens to monitor their ID cards. So, the National Database and Registration Authority decided to offer online and SMS tracking capabilities for NADRA Tracking ID users. NADRA’s SMS feature keeps you updated with the latest information about how to track NADRA ID card online. Their mobile number has been SMS to locate their ID card.

In addition to ID card verification, NADRA offers public services. Founded in 1979, It is an independent organization affiliated with the Interior Ministry. Nadra also decided to give internet access to Pakistanis due to its location in the country. 

Nadra Tracking ID Check Online Details Information

A service offered by NADRA allows citizens to monitor their ID cards. As long as you treat the situation in a positive manner, you should not have to worry much about it. You are invited to search for your ID card by visiting our website. Their mobile number has been SMS to locate their ID card.

How To Verify NADRA ID Card Online With SMS

In addition to ID card verification, It offers public services. With NADRA, the public is assured of the most secure and safe system in the area. However, ensure people don’t know it, so they can create fake ID cards and steal their money. 

SMS Tracking and Verification Number of NADRA:

  • 9888
  • 7000
  • 8400
  • 8500
  • 9777
  • 8300

How To Check NADRA Tracking ID By SMS Online?

Using this page, you can track ID checks on A tracking number can be found by SMS “8400” to the NADRA. In your account, you can view the progress of your National Identity Card application if you are a Pakistani citizen. 

How To Check NADRA ID Card Status by PAK ID Portal?

First create a NADRA Official Portal account. Skip the next step if an account already exists:

  1. Go to PAK Identity Portal.
  2. Sign in using your email and password.
  3. Next, you’ll see CNIC/NICOP. 
  4. Under the heading CNIC/NICOP, click “Apply Now.”
  5. Next, click “Existing Applications.”
  6. “Existing Applications” is on the upper left.

How To Check CNIC Number, BIO Data & Details Online Fee?

The NADRA provides two options for getting CNIC owner bios.

1st Method:

  • SMS (Message)
  • Text your CNIC Number to 8300/-. 
  • By SMS, you’ll receive the owner’s address and location.

2nd Method:

  1. Send ID Card Number to 7000 on Mobile Message Service. 
  2. Your National Identity Card will arrive shortly.

How To Track NADRA ID Card Online Status ?

Please take a look at the identification document for CNIC/NICOP. Following that:

  • You will be able to fill out this online registration form
  • To proceed, you must follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  • As a member of the card, you will be able to receive a variety of privileges and rewards.
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