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NSER Indicators For BISP New Registration May 2024

Data for BENAZIR National Socio-Economic Registry is a composite of the data saying which households need to be registered. For example, to register individuals for Ehsaas program, NSER collects the following information. NSER Indicators for BISP Registration online here.

The 24 indicators that will be used to determine whether you qualify for the BISP program will be based on these 24 indicators.

Ehsaas NSER New Registration By CNIC Indicators

A detailed description of the household members will be taken, and it will be requested how many people live in the house, how many are educated, and how many do not have an education.

1- ( معاشی سماجی حیثیت ) – Socio Economic Status

To obtain information about your socioeconomic status, including your monthly income and expenses. In addition to your household expenses, it will ask you how much you earn per month. Additionally, individuals will be questioned.

2- (اسکول چھوڑنا پرائمری یا مڈل سکینڈری ) – School Dropout (Primary, Middle and Secondary)

The reason for dropping out of school and how long they have been absent or not attending school. Moreover, you can apply for educational scholarships based on your children’s school attendance.

3- ( اسکول سے باہر بچے جن کی عمر پانچ 17 سال ہے) – Out of School Children (5 -17) Years 

To gather information from your children who do not attend school all information will be collected from them. It is important to remember that the candidate must be between the ages of five and seventeen.

Your children between the ages of five and seventeen need to provide information about what happened between the years or why they are not going to school due to financial difficulties or for any other reason.

4- (تعلیمی معیار ) – Level of Education 

In a government school or private institution, the educational level of your children will be asked whether they are in college. To assess your children’s performance, we will take the full information of the institution where they are studying.

5- ( ملازمت کے بارے میں معلومات ) – Employment profiling 

Your employment status will be collected regardless of whether a government or semi-government agency employs you. A brief description of the organization in which you are employed.

If you are employed on a temporary or permanent basis, please provide your salary information.

6- (معذوری کے بارے میں معلومات) – Disability profiling 

The information provided will include: whether you are suffering from any diseases and whether those diseases are being treated, and for what reasons those diseases are not being treated.

7-  ( پیدائش اور بچوں کی اموات) – Still Birth or Infant Mortality

If any of your children have passed away, their cause of death, date of birth, and date of death will be requested.

8- ( بیماریوں کے بارے میں معلومات) – Diseases profiling 

A disability information form will be filled out. Do you suffer from any diseases, or have any diseases disabled you? In a hospital, you are receiving medical treatment. If this is not the case, please explain why you are not receiving treatment.

9- (گھر کا ڈیزائن ) – Housing Structure Types 

To design your home, information about your home will be considered. Information about the food you prepare at home, including whether it is cooked or uncooked.

10- (لیٹرین کی دستیابی) – Availability of Latrines / Open Defecation Rate 

During the interview, we will discuss the design and construction of the bathroom in your home and when it was built. If you do not have this facility, you can obtain information about it.

11- ( ایندھن کی لکڑی کا استعمال ) – Utilization of Fuel Wood/ Deforestation Rate 

Please tell me what fuel sources you have in your home. Do you use wood or gas to heat your home? Throughout the year, what percentage of wood do you cut from the forest?

12- ( میٹرڈ کنکشن (بجلی اور گیس) – Metered Connection (Electricity & Gas)

The installation date of your electric or gas meter and whose meter you have installed will be visible.

13- میٹرڈ کنکشن (بجلی اور گیس) – Metered Connection (Electricity & Gas)

The meter connection will be viewed, as well as how long it has been connected and whose electricity or gas meter you have installed. Do you have two numbers and bills for them both?

14- ( بچے جو کام کر رہے ہیں ان کے بارے میں معلومات ) – Child Labour & Workforce Profiling 

If your children are studying or working in an institution, information regarding their employment and monthly income will be taken.

16- ( زرعی زمین جواب کی ملکیت ہے ) – Agriculture land Ownership 

All information regarding the ownership and value of the house you live in will be taken from you.

17- ( انٹرنیٹ کنکشن کے حامل ) – Households Owned Internet Connection

A bill will be sent to you if there is an internet connection in your home, including information regarding who is using the internet and the associated electricity consumption.

18- ( یو پی ایس جرنیٹر سولر پینل کے حامل گرانے  ) – Households Owned UPS/Generator/Solar Panel

Depending on whether you have a UPS generator or solar panel at home, you will receive information regarding whether you have a UPS generator, etc., in addition to electricity.

19- ( نااہل افراد) – Ineligible persons 

People ineligible for the Benazir Income Support Program can enter their information in NSER, and after entering the information, they will be registered.

20- (  بیرون ملک سفر) – Travel abroad 

All information related to your travel abroad for Hajj Umrah or any other purpose will be taken as part of your return date information on the date you traveled.

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