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Prize Bond RS 1500 Draw #92 List Karachi 2022 – Online Check

National Saving prize bond 1500 list was held on 15 November 2022 in Karachi city draw number 92. Draw #92 prize bonds of Rs.1500, the winners of these prize bonds are mentioned below.

Prize Bound 1500 List

The government has introduced this prize bond scheme for the common people of the society, those who are interested or involved can get all the information about bounds.

You can also check the all upcomming Prize Bond sechdule and prize list gets all updates here at the

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Winning Amount:

Prize Bond 1500/-013,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond 1500/-031,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond 1500/-169618,5003rd Prize

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Download Upcomming Prize Bond List:


#92150015 Nov, 22TueKarachiCheck Result
#4010015 Nov, 22TueRawalpindiCheck Result
#234000012 Dec, 22MonMultanUpcoming
#82500012 Dec, 22MonLahoreUpcoming
#9220015 Dec, 22ThuFaisalabadUpcoming

Prize Bond Rs 1500 – Lists, Results:

If you are trying to know more about the list of 1500 prize bond as well as the exact time table and proper schedule of bond prizes, then visit this site and get information about 1500 prize bond 2022 details.

Prize Bound 1500 List

Check Prize Bonds Schedule 2022:

Prize Bond RS. 100/-01700,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-03200,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-1,1991,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-01750,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-05250,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-2,3491,2503rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-011,500,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-03500,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-16969,3003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-013,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-031,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-169618,5003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-0115,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-035,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-169693,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-0130,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-0310,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-1696185,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-0150,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-0315,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-1696312,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-0175,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-0325,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-1696500,0003rd Prize

Frequantly Asked Questions

Q. What is the prize bond schedule for 2022?
The prize bond draw is held in different cities of Pakistan, and is managed by National Savings. A new draw takes place every 2 weeks, for a total of 36 draws per year. You can check the price bond schedule of your purchased bond on this page.
Q. What is the prize bond draw date?
The dates vary according to the bond amount you have, if you have Rs. 25000 bond draw will be quarterly ie draw will be 4 times in a year.
Q. How can I check the prize bond result?
You can check the prize bond draw result on UrduPoint’s business section. Where the complete list of winning numbers is published along with the serial number.
Q. Can I participate in the prize bond draw in person?
Yes you can visit the National Savings office in the city where the draw is held, check the schedule and visit the office at 9 am on the specified date, carry your CNIC with you for security reasons.
Q. Is the 2022 schedule the same as 2021?
The 2022 prize bond schedule is completely different from the 2021 schedule. So check the schedule carefully.
Q. Can I download the prize bond schedule?
You can download Prize Bond Schedule 2022 by clicking the download button above, and save the file in PDF format for offline use.

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