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PSO Petrol Pump Price In Pakistan Today Live 2024

A revision of the petrol price in Pakistan takes place after 15 days. PSO petrol pump price in Pakistan today live rate applies to all cities with the effective date. In Pakistani Rupees, you can find today’s petroleum prices.

New Petrol Price In Pakistan

The PSO Petrol price in Pakistan today can be found here. In Pakistan, 1-liter petrol costs Rs.224.8. The new price starts on 1 Feb . 

DatePetrolHigh Speed DieselLight DieselKerosene Oil
Jan 01, 214.80/LtrRs.227.8/Ltr169/LtrRs.214.8/Ltr
Dec 15, 2022214.8/Ltr227.8/Ltr169/Ltr171.83/Ltr
Oct 01, 2022224.8/Ltr235.3/Ltr186.5/Ltr191.83/Ltr
Sep 21, 2022237.43/Ltr247.43/Ltr197.28/Ltr202.02/Ltr
  • Petrol today costs 224.8 rupees
  • High-Speed Diesel is 235.3 rupees
  • Light Speed Diesel costs 186.5 rupees.

Petroleum Prices In Pakistan Today

  1. Recently, the price of petrol has decreased from Rs12.63 per liter to Rs224.80 from Rs237.43.
  2. Pakistani diesel prices have decreased by 12.13 per liter to Rs235.30 from Rs247.43 per liter.
  3. Rs. 10.19 has reduced prices for Kerosene from Rs202.02 to Rs191.83.
  4. Rs197.28 has been cut to Rs186.50 for light diesel oil.

Petrol Pump Price in Pakistan Today

Every 15 days, Pakistani petrol prices are reviewed. No matter your city or region, petrol is the same price. In Pakistan, check out the prices for octane, kerosene oil, Euro 5, and high-speed diesel.

Petroleum combines petra (rock) and oleum (oil). The raw petroleum is extracted from land or sea via distillation. Crude oil is the main constituent of petroleum but contains oil-based solids, liquids, and gases.

What Is The Cost of 1-liter Petrol In Pakistan?

Currently, 1 liter of petrol costs 214.8, which may go higher. Mohammed Ishaq Dar, Minister of Finance, issued a notification. The rise in petrol rates was intended to revive IMF programs.

Affected by Rising Petrol And Diesel Price In Pakistan Today

There is monetary instability and rapid growth at this time in Pakistan. Pakistan has increased prices on petrol, diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil. Supply is one factor that influences petroleum prices.

Reduced OPEC supply also raises local prices. Transport and advertising costs increase fuel prices.

FAQ About PSO Petrol Pump Price In Pakistan Today Live

What is The Current Price of A Liter of Petrol in Pakistan?

Petrol is priced at 224.8 rupees in Pakistan today.

What is the price of petrol in Pakistan today ?

Petrol prices in Pakistan are currently 224.8 rupees per liter.

What is Pakistan’s current petrol price?

Today, price of petrol in Pakistan is 224.8 rupees.

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