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Saudi Riyal Rate Today In Pakistan (Open Market) 25 June, 2024 | SAR To PKR

As an official rate by the State Bank of Pakistan, one SAR is currently worth PKR 75.97 as of 25 June . Exchange rates and open market rates for the Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee differ between interbank and currency exchange. Check live update of Saudi Riyal rate today in Pakistan.

Saudi Riyal Rate In Pakistan Today | SAR To PKR

The Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate decreased PKR 0.41 or 0.544% on trading in the Interbank market. You can easily check the Saudi riyal to Pakistani rupee exchange rate using the calculator below.

Interbank SAR Rate

25 June PKR 76.38PKR 77.00

Open Market Rate

25 June PKR76.38PKR77.00

1 Saudi Riyal = 74.95 Pakistani Rupees

SAR 1PKR76.38

Today, 25 June, at 02:24 PST (GMT+5)

Saudi Riyal Profile

Saudi Riyal1/100 = HalalaHalala

Live Saudi Riyal To Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate

According to the weekly performance of SAR to PKR, although the value of SAR fell by PKR -0.05 or -0.067%, that is still better than its equilibrium value.

According to the exchange rate data, the peak Saudi Riyal conversion rate to PKR was PKR 75.55, while the lowest conversion rate was PKR 75.34.

Current Gold Rate In Pakistan Today

During the last 30 days, SAR has fluctuated as follows: PKR 75.55 high and PKR 69.42 low, where PKR 74.85 was bought and PKR 75.00 was sold.

Saudi Riyal Rate In Pakistan Today Open Market

You can check the Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate here. Pakistani open market prices for Saudi riyals fluctuate daily. In the upcoming days, the Riyal to PKR rate may rise as predicted.

Open market rates are usually different from interbank rates regarding Riyals to Pakistani rupees. A few months ago, the rate between Saudi Riyal and Pakistani Rupee had increased significantly.

SAR to PKR – Saudi Riyal Rate Today Pakistan (Live Update)

Initially, the country relied on Hejazi Silver Coins as its official currency. Still, later Hajji Pilgrimage Receipts were used as currency.

Finally, in 1961, Riyal banknotes were introduced in the country with denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 15, and Riyals gained official status in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to halal becoming a new currency system in Saudi Arabia, the country introduced the Riyal banknote in 1961.

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