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School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 8 With Answers In PDF

Download school based assessment grade 8 with answer keys and papers in pdf format. In addition, the Punjab examination commission released an SBA item bank. Each premade paper has an answer key in this item bank.

English, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, Computer, Islamiat, SST, and Teaching of the Holy Quran are covered by School-Based Assessment papers. 8th class English School-based assessment.

School-based Assessment Grade 7 With Answers Pdf (Subjects)

PEC Grade 8 answer keys from Punjab School Education Department. Item bank for all subjects in the PEC . SBA grade 8 in will cover all 8th-grade curricula. Here are the answers for the given subjects.

  • English
  • Science
  • Computer
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • Social Study
  • Islamiat
  • The teaching of the Holy Quran
  • Nazra Quran

School Based Assessment Grade 08 English Subject

PEC School Based Assessment for English 8th Grade Subjects.

Subjects Answer Keys
English Paper-A (Objective)Click here
English Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

SBA Grade 08 Mathematics Subject

PEC has released Grade-08 Mathematics School Based Assessment Answer Keys .

Subjects Answer Keys
Mathematics Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Mathematics  Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

School Based Assessment [Grade 08] Urdu Subject

A list of PEC SSA Answer keys for Grade-08 Urdu Subjects for is below.

Subjects Answer Keys
Urdu Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Urdu Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

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School Based Assessment SBA Grade 08 Islamiat

Here are the Grade-08 Islamiat Subject School Based Assessment Answer Keys .

Subjects Answer Keys
Islamiat  Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Islamiat Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

SBA Grade 08 Science Subject Answer Key

Grade-08 Science Answer Keys for School-Based Assessment .

Subjects Answer Keys
Science  Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Science Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

School Based Assessment Grade 08 Social Study

Grade-08 School Based Assessment Answer Keys for Social Studies topics.

Subjects Answer Keys
Social Study  Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Social Study Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

School Based Assessment Grade 08 Computer ()

Grade-08 Computer Answer Keys for School Based Assessments.

Subjects Answer Keys
Computer Paper-A (Objective)Click here
ComputerPaper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

School Based Assessment Nazra Subject [Grade 08]

Grade-08 Nazra Answer keys for School Based Assessment.

Subjects Answer Keys
Nazra Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Nazra Paper-B (Subjective)Coming Soon

SB Assessment Grade 08 Ethics Subject

Grade-08 Ethics Subjects School Based Assessment Answer keys .

Subjects Answer Keys
Ethics Paper-A (Objective)Click here
Ethics Paper-B (Subjective)Click here

How To Download School Based Assessment Grade 8

SBA item bank paper with answer keys for computer subjects. Final exam answer keys for 8th-grade computer science. Click on the download button to get the keys.

There are all versions of the grade 8 school-based assessment papers. Answer keys are provided for every paper. Annual exams cover all subjects.

SubjectB PaperKeys
English AB PaperKeys
Urdu AB PaperKeys
Science AB PaperKeys
Mathematics AB PaperKeys
Computer AB PaperKeys
Islamiat AB PaperKeys
Social Studies AB PaperKeys

SBA School Based Assessment Grade 8 With Answers (PDF Format)

The SBA schedule has been posted on PEC’s website. Item bank for Papers was updated on 25 February, according to PEC. SBA papers can be generated until 08 March . Exams are held at all schools between the 10th and 25th of March.

Result announcements will be made on 31 March . Upload of School-Based assessments for Grade 8 in .

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