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Today Gold Price In India 25 June 2024 [Updated] | Gold Rate Today

Find here all the vital information you might need before buying gold jewelry or investing in gold. Then, decide by comparing 24-carat gold and 22-carat today gold price in India.

  • 24 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)₹ 60,030
  • 22 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)₹ 54,990

For example, 10 grams of 24 Carat gold costs 59,720, and 22 Carat gold costs 54,700. Today’s prices are up to date and industry standard.

22 Carat Gold Price In India Chart

Gram22K Gold PriceDaily Price Change
1 gram₹ 5,952₹ 0
8 grams₹ 44,072₹ 0
10 grams₹ 55,090₹ 0
100 grams₹ 5,50,900₹ 0

Which Gold is Best 22K or 24K?

24 Carat Gold

Gold with 24 carats is the purest. The term pure gold refers to gold that contains 99.9% purity. Gold coins, bars, etc., are made from 24-carat gold. In addition to 24-carat gold, various other purity levels are available.

22 Carat Gold

Jewelry can be made with 22-carat gold. Gold and silver or nickel are 22 parts each. Metals mixed with gold become stiffer. 22 carat gold is 91.67 percent pure.

Today Sehri time Mumbai India

Latest Gold Price Today In Major Cities [India]

City24 Carat Gold Rate
(10 grams) 
22 Carat Gold Rate
(10 grams) 
Ahmedabad₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Amritsar₹ 52,200₹ 47,850
Bangalore₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Bhopal₹ 52,200₹ 47,850
Bhubaneswar₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Chandigarh₹ 60,480₹ 55,450
Chennai₹ 52,285₹ 47,927
Coimbatore₹ 61,090₹ 56,000
Delhi₹ 60,480₹ 55,450
Faridabad₹ 52,150₹ 47,804
Gurgaon₹ 52,100₹ 47,758
Hyderabad₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Jaipur₹ 60,480₹ 55,450
Kanpur₹ 52,290₹ 47,932
Kerala₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Kochi₹ 52,290₹ 47,932
Kolkata₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Lucknow₹ 60,480₹ 55,450
Madurai₹ 61,090₹ 56,000
Mangalore₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Meerut₹ 52,275₹ 47,918
Mumbai₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Mysore₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Nagpur₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Nashik₹ 60,360₹ 55,330
Patna₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Pune₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Surat₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Vadodara₹ 60,380₹ 55,350
Vijayawada₹ 60,330₹ 55,300
Visakhapatnam₹ 60,330₹ 55,300

FAQ About Today Gold Price In India

What Are The Various Forms Of Investing In Gold?

Gold is considered a safe investment tool against inflation, including bars, coins, bullions, jewelry, exchanges, mutual funds, mining stocks, ETFs, futures, options, and digital gold.

What Is The Purest Form Of Gold?

‘Carats,’ the standard unit for measuring gold purity, describes the purest form. However, this state of gold makes it impossible to form it into jewelry, coins, or bars. Instead, alloys are formed by mixing silver and nickel with copper.

22-carat gold, for instance, contains 22 parts gold, 91.6%, and two parts alloy. The purity determines the price of gold.

What Is Hallmarking Of Gold?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) marks precious metals as proof of their purity or fineness. Both sellers and buyers are assured of quality by a third party. India’s National Standard Body, BIS, sets gold and silver jewelry standards.

International hallmarking criteria are aligned with this system. Manufacturers are required to maintain legal standards of fineness as part of the Hallmarking Scheme. The gold is assayed in a local assay center.

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