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Top Universities for Fashion and Design in Pakistan

In Pakistan, if you want to know about universities for fashion and design then you are in the right place.

Fashion design is one of the most famous industries in Pakistan. The textile industry is the largest Corporation in Pakistan so every year thousands of students go to the fashion and design industries and build their careers.

There are many universities offering degrees in fashion and design but the question is which is the best Fashion University in Pakistan?

Fashion And Design

It seems that some fields in Pakistan do not have a perfect job market. There are a lot of universities and colleges for different types of education in Pakistan like medical colleges, engineering universities, Fashion and design universities, and other sciences colleges and universities.

But if you have an interest and complete skills in that field no one can beat you. Fashion design is one of these fields.

Many designers claim that there is nothing in the market for them. At the same time, you see famous designers making money and living the famous life. What is the difference?

Well, the job market matters, but there is a way to carve out a niche in limited opportunities and become a big name. It’s hard and it takes passion and hard work. The factor that can make the most significant difference is the institute of study.

Nevertheless, those who consider themselves made for fashion designers are making their way.

Abroad, the subject has a large scope, and institutes provide an excellent education. However, this international education is also possible in Pakistan if you study at the best institute to study fashion design.

Here are some top universities of fashion and design in Pakistan.

1) PIFD (Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design)

PIFD is one of the best Fashion institutes in Pakistan. It is situated in Lahore.

A wide range of courses is offered in this Institute regarding fashion marketing, textile marketing, furniture making, Jewellery making, digital fashion, and many more.

The graduates from this university are known to secure great jobs in the market like HSY, Maria B, Saira and Shakira, Ahmed Sultan, Hussain Rear, and a lot of examples from known designers that have graduated from this university.


2) NTU (National Textile University)

The campus of NTU is situated in Faisalabad and also in Karachi.

The program offered by NTU is a mixture of Technical and theoretical study. It is one of the best fashion institutes in Pakistan.

For getting admission to this university Entry test is conducted and also interview is required for admission, This test includes general knowledge questions and also a drawing test.


3) NCA(National College of Arts)

NCA University is situated in Lahore.

This university was established in 1875. This Institute is included in one of the best art universities in Pakistan.

The Entry test of this university is known to be tough as well as there is high competition so very small number of students can get admission to this designing university.


4) BNU(Beaconhouse National University)

Beaconhouse National University is Pakistan’s first known non-profit arts University.

It was founded in 2003 the provide education in Arts, design, architecture, media humanities, Social Sciences, and business and information technology.

This Institute was established by a significant donations from different families like Kasuri family, the Dawood family, Dr. Parvez Hasan, Mr. Izzat Majeed and the government of Punjab.


BNU aims to provide the finest collegial environment for our faculty and scholars keeping the student-faculty ratio of as low as 12 in studio courses with an average of fewer than 25 in theory courses. 

5) UMT(University of Management and Technology)

UMT is a project of the Institute of leadership and Management.

It was established in 1990. The University of Management and Technology has evolved into a premier Institute Of Higher Learning in the country. It is recognized by HEC Higher Education Commission for more than 2 years.

UMT is also at the top as per HEC ranking as a private sector in Punjab. UMT was placed among the top 600 in the world for social impact in ranking 2020.

Now it is an independent not-for-profit private Institute of Higher Education in Pakistan.


6) Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

Indus Valley School of Arts and Agriculture is famous for producing artists, designers, and Architects.

The curriculum is design to nature creativity and teach responsibility for social, economic, and political problems. They also train people to apply their expertise toward sustainable solutions.

This Institute is a great help for those who want to learn arts and sciences.


Through interaction with diverse practicing artists, architects, academics, scholars, archaeologists, art historians, and designers, students are exposed to the importance of ideas, concept development, and the value of research in developing the creative process.

7) Iqra University Bahria

Iqra University is a private University primarily with its main campus located in Karachi.

There are additional campuses in other parts of the country like Islamabad, Quetta was ranked first business school in Pakistan by HEC ranking in 2016.

Iqra University also calibrates with universities of international for the student exchange program. This university was founded by a Pakistani Businessman Hunaid Lakhani.

Iqra university
8) Indus University

Indus University is a private project of the PNBMDC Foundation known as Indus Institute of Higher Education established in November 2004.

Indus University is also recognized by the high Education Commission Pakistan and placed in the 5 stars category by the Charter inspection and evolution committee of the Government of Sind.

Since the inspection Indus University is streaming to impart quality education and play a very significant role in the development of human resources and provide the facilities under its portfolio:

  • Faculty of engineering science and technology
  • Faculty of computing and information technology
  • Faculty of art and design
  • Faculty of Health and Medical science
  • Faculty of social science
  • Faculty of management science

The motto of this university is to “Learn well to live well” and make every possible ever to insist our students with thinking skills.

Indus University

The Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design is a place that can provide you with a top-notch degree that will set you up for a promising career in the industry. Here’s why we think it’s the best place for this degree.

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