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Ufone Monthly PUBG Package With Subscription Code 2024 | Get 10GB For PUBG

Mobile gamers now have another option to play PUBG. For just Rs.100, Ufone is offering 10GB of data. Ufone Monthly PUBG Package Offer: Everything you need to know!

With Ufone’s new monthly PUBG offer, you can now play online! Playing PUBG without spending much money is a great way to get started.

Ufone Monthly PUBG Package Code (10GB Date)

A great option for players who want to spend less on PUBG games. Just 100 PKR per month for 10 GB of internet data. Due to Ufone’s extensive coverage, you will take advantage of all game action.

How To Subscribe PUBG Monthly Ufone Internet Package | Detail

Offer NamePUBG
Data10GB [9GB (PUBGM) + 1GB (Flat)]
Validity30 Days
PriceRs 100
Subscribe Code*8080#

Rs. 100 Load Required For Ufone Monthly Package (PUBG)

The 100 rupee is the activation price after applying GST, AIT, and FED taxes. Dial *8080# to activate this offer successfully for 100 rupees. The user must recharge (load) with PKR 100.

Ufone Monthly Data Package (9GB PUBG + 1GB Internet)  

After activating the offer, you will receive 10GB of internet access. If you want to play PUBG, you can use 10,000 MBs. For PUBG, you use 9GB, and for flat internet, 1GB. To play PUBG Mobile Game, users consume all 10GB of data, not just 1GB of flat internet.

  • Ufone Subscription Code: For Ufone PUBG Monthly, dial *8080# code. PUBG can only be subscribed via this method.
  • Unsubscribe: Ufone PUBG Monthly Package cannot be unsubscribed. It expires after 30 days. Therefore, the policy expires after xxx(30) days.
  • Check Ufone Code: You can download the Ufone app from the play store and check your remaining data from a total of 10GB. A code cannot determine the remaining MBs of this offer. Maintain an eye on your MB usage with the Ufone App.

Terms & Conditions (Ufone Ufone Packages Code)

  1. The offer is for 3G/4G
  2. Please note that this is a prepaid offer
  3. This offer will automatically expire
  4. The user must recharge 100 rupees
  5. There is no additional charge for taxes on Rs 100
  6. You will receive 9GB of PUBG data and 1GB of flat data as part of the offer.
  7. It is the responsibility of Ufone to comply with all terms and conditions.
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