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10 Best Universities In Pakistan for MBA |

Looking for the best universities In Pakistan for MBA? Selecting the right university can ever be a complicated task. But don’t worry, we have got you coated. In this article, we have listed the best universities for MBA in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, students take more curious about MBA. MBA study in Pakistan is amazing. Universities giving MBA study have an excellent staff and universities select the students for MBA in Merthe it list. They selected perfect students from their universities. In some universities, students finish their 03 semesters with at least a CGPA of 2.50, out of four. In Pakistan, MBA is similar to MS. Admission criteria for students in Pakistan universities is at least 16-year education.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Universities In Pakistan for MBA

There are many career options for MBA students in every field of life. The most popular professions are bank managers, project managers, audit officers, chief executive officers, marketing specialists, human resource managers, purchasing managers, and many other good jobs available. According to HEC (Higher Education Commission), many best universities in Pakistan offered MBA programs in morning and evening shifts by opening admission two times every year.

List of Best Universities In Pakistan for MBA:

1:Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

LUMS is one of the finest Pakistani universities which offers a top-ranked administrative MBA program. The MBA program is about 2 years which interests full-time study, and it is prepared in a case method-based style. LUMS is suggested as the top executive MBA program in Asia. The first year of the program is based on half and full semesters and given the chance the students for getting an education with numerous scholarships.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

2:Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

This popular university was established in Karachi in 1995. This is the best choice for those students who want to seek a career in business administration, they must have to take a degree of MBA. This department of business administration has delivered socioeconomic expansion by giving practical learning strength to their students. It is one of the best universities to get an MBA degree.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

3:National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

NUST also known as the National University of Sciences and Technology is located in Islamabad and was established in 1991. This university has increased its credibility at an immediate pace. It is also classified among the top 300 business schools all over the world. The NUST entry test for admission is excessively challenging, and the competition is very high as well, with an approval rate of only 4%. The degree of NUST generates analytical, interpersonal, and strong contact skills between the students.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
National University of Sciences and Technology

✅ What is the cost of MBA in Pakistan?

The tuition fee for the MBA programme is PKR 441,600/- per semester

4:Iqra University

This university is located in Karachi and provides quality education to students at low rates of the fee. The degree of MBA from Iqra university allows the students to gain more professional skills and capabilities to enter in the marketplace by enabling the business, as a general. This university has concentrated on research, training, and student interaction with their teachers to help to face different challenges of the world. Iqra University has more other campuses in Islamabad and Lahore.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Iqra University

5:Sukkur, IBA University

Sukkur University is also known as the 4rth business school in Pakistan. IBA offers professionals in many courses with a wide range of job opportunities for students in the future. The best capability of business schools is to adjust the students in giving quality education and also delivering internships at international companies. The idea of this university is to build organizational and research skills among the students by providing evidence-based learning.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Sukkur, IBA University

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6:University of Management and Technology (UMT)

UMT is also known as University of Management and Technology. It was established in Lahore in 1990 and is identified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. It is basically a private university located in Lahore. The MBA program in UMT take 2 years which needs the fulfillment of at least 45 honor hours. The selection system in UMT is based on an entry test and an interview for the admission of MBA program.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
University of Management and Technology

7:Institute Of Management Science Peshawar

The Institute of Management Sciences is also named as IMSciences is a government held liberated institution identified by HEC Islamabad and working under NWFP . The institute was founded in 1995 in Peshawar It is ranked at 7th number in the Business Category. It is delivered excellency in learning and gives a practical knowledge to students by delivering bachelor’s and master’s degree degree in business.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Institute Of Management Science Peshawar

✅ Which MBA is in high demand?

The highest demand is for finance, project management, consulting, strategy, and business analytics specialists

8:Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

LUMS University is one of the top rated University in Pakistan out there which delivers top ranked administrative MBA program to their students. The MBA program covers about 2 years which interests full-time study, and it is prepared in case in hard work. However, LUMS does not admit students which have less than 1-2 years of total work experience in their field. LUMS is a federally chartered university and is approved as a not-for-profit society.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

9: Institute Of Business Management (IOBM), Karachi

The Institute of Business Management (IOBM) is a private university in Karachi. IOBM is based on four huge colleges, the College of Business Management, the College of Economics and Social Development, the College of Computer Science and Information Systems and the College of Engineering Sciences. In 1995 IOBM started BBA Programs. IOBM is the only university in Pakistan, where undergraduate programs like BBA, BCS and have a critical foreign language course,

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Institute Of Business Management (IOBM), Karachi

10: Institute Of Business and Technology

The Institute of Business & Technology has been established to combine form of the art technological with current business methods. Our concept is to generate students who would work efficiently and stay in international markets. According to the HEC order, this university has become the best one-degree institute for MBA programs. Those applicants who want to take an advantage in business education should choose this university.

Universities In Pakistan for MBA
Institute Of Business and Technology

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