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Upgradation Notification Of Federal Govt Employees 2024 (BPS-01 to BPS-16)

The Finance Division of the Government of Pakistan issued an office memo on 14-02- regarding Upgradation Notification and time scale BPS-01 to 16.

As a result, from 1st January , Federal Employees will receive Time Scales and LDC Upgrades. I have listed the details below.

Federal Government Employees Upgradation Notification

BS-01 to BS-16 Federal Employees will receive the following pay and allowance benefits:

  • Upgrade of LDC (BPS-09 to BPS-11) and UDC (BPS-11 to BPS-13)
  • BPS-16 Federal Employees Gain 1x Increase
  • BPS-01 to BPS-05 scaled up
  • (Inclusive of UDCs and LDCs) 1x larger scale

Except for upgrading LDC/UDC, all benefits are one-time. Employees appointed after 1st January will not receive 1x increments and 1x and 2x higher scale pay.

  • The one-time scale upgrade will only apply to federal employees in BS-01 through BS-05.
  • The timescale policy 2022 will not give 1x higher scale benefits to employees who already have one larger scale. One increment will instead be given.
  • There will only be one increment for Pay Scale 16.

Upper Division Clerk is now BPS-13 with effect from 1st January , and Lower Division Clerk is BPS-11. Their higher pay scales will apply, including allowances and pay.

Upgradation Notification Of Federal Govt Employees

Features Of Upgradation Notification | UDC LDC Salary Chart

In , Federal employees will be notified of their upgrades in the following ways:

  • One-time dispensation for staff in the BPS-01 to BPS-05 grades. Such employees will retain their substantive pay scales.
  • Time scale policy 2022 will give them only one pay increase.
  • As a one-time dispensation, Federal Employees of BPS-06 to BPS-15 will receive one pay higher.
  • Time Scale Policy 2022 applies to employees who have already availed of it.
  • One increment will be given to BPS-16 employees.
  • Upgrading LDC and UDC for Federal Clerical Staff.
  • In Finance, LDC was upgraded to BPS-11, and UDC was upgraded to BPS-13.
  • In addition, the new pay scales will benefit them fully.

Conditions For Special Dispensations

Below are the terms and conditions that apply to the higher pay scale/time scale:

  1. These dispensations will benefit Federal employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 and Disparity Reduction Allowance recipients (but not Defence employees).
  2. The dispensation does not apply to federal employees receiving BPS-17 pay
  3. Premature increments will not be granted.
  4. A premature increment will be given to LDCs and UDCs.
  5. Time scale policy 2022 offers one chance per employee.
  6. Dispensation-advantaged employees don’t get higher pay scale allowances or benefits. However, the actual/regular pay scale allowances and benefits will apply.
  7. Also benefiting from this are the PM and president secretariats (public and internal).
  8. From 1st January , all benefits will apply.

History / Story of The Upgradation/Time Scale

Before this, the Prime Minister’s Office released the Upgradation Summary for BPS-01 to BPS-16. Previously, the Prime Minister approved the upgradation and time scale of FG employees. However, the PM Office, PM Secretariat, President Secretariat, etc., were added to the list after a few days.

FD requested to add more employees to the summary when the summary returned to it. The Prime Minister’s Office issued the Final Summary. Notification of Higher Scale to Federal Employees and Upgradation followed the summary.

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