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40 KG Wheat Price In Pakistan Today 2024 | New Gandam Rate List

Pakistan’s grain market updates wheat prices daily. A third of the world’s population relies on gandum to feed their families. So people want to know the 40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today (in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK etc.)

Latest Gandam Rate Today In Pakistan (40 KG)

850 million tons of wheat were grown on 540 million acres in , according to the US Agriculture Agency. In Punjab, the MSP for the wheat crop is Rs. 3600 per 40kg, and in Sindh, it is Rs. 3900 per 40kg.

Current Wheat Rate In Pakistan April

Our daily food intake is largely derived from the gandam crop. Each year, the wheat harvest takes place during April and May.

Find out how much wheat costs in your area today. The price of wheat in Pakistan fluctuates similarly to that of other food items.

40 KG Wheat Price In Pakistan Today (All Province Rate)

ProvinceWheat rate per 40 KG 
Sindh4200 – 4400
KPK4200 – 4400
Punjab3900 – 4200

Gandam Price In Pakistan Today

Prices of 40 KG of wheat in Pakistan today per kilogram (40 KG) in Lahore, Punjab, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi mentioned above table. In Pakistan, the Gandam rate for wheat support purchase is one kilogram. 

For , what is the minimum support price for wheat that the Government of Pakistan has set as a prescribed format for Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, etc.?

Wheat Thresher Price In Pakistan May

  • Currently, the wheat price in Punjab Province is Rs. 3900
  • The Gandam Rate for the Sindh Province is = Rs. 4400
  • In the province of KPK, wheat is currently priced at= Rs. 4200 to 4400 Rupees

The Punjab and Sindh governments have set the Minimum Support Price (MSP) at Rs. 4200 and Rs. 3900 for the wheat crop. Here you can see the price of 1 KG of wheat in Pakistan. In Punjab and Sindh, you can find wheat rates ranging from Rs. 4200 to 4400.

1 KG Wheat Price In Pakistan Today

Province1 KG Wheat Price40 KG Price 50 kg Rate
Gilgit Baltistan95.2538103900
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