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Karyana Rate List Today In Pakistan May, 2024 [New Update]

Pakistan’s grocery and household item prices fluctuate constantly. Every household should keep up with Karyana’s latest rate list. We will discuss the new Karyana rate list today in Pakistan as of 01 May, .

Today Karyana Rate List – Directorate Of Food

The prices of Karyana, which includes groceries and household items, are directly linked to the country’s agricultural output.

The prices of Karyana can vary depending on factors such as weather, demand and supply, and inflation.

Featuring the latest karyana rate list today in Pakistan, you’re in the right place. Here, you can always find the best deals. Whatever you need, we have it. So now is the time to start saving with Karyana rates!

Karyana Rate List Today 01 May – Qeemat Punjab App

A smooth grocery shopping experience can be achieved with the right information. A karyana rate list is available today that shows all the prices in a grocery store. When you know what’s within your budget, you can effectively create your shopping list and find great deals.

Essential Commodities Karyana Rate List

Comparing products and determining which ones offer the best value for money are only possible with knowledge and understanding of these rates. So, make sure you know the Karyana rate list to maximize convenience!

Today Check Karyana Rate List Update – General Store items

1WheatPer kg11041GuavaPer kg90-170
2Wheat(Atta)Per kg12042MelonPer kg130
3MaidaPer kg13543Water MelonPer kg
4SujiPer kg12044FruiterPer Dozen70-110
5Maize AttaPer kg45GrapesPer kg80
6Rice SuperiorPer kg155-17246Shama Ghee Tin16 kg7600
7White GramPer kg20047Other Brand Tin16 kg6000
8Black GramPer kg48PotatoPer kg36-40
9Gram plusesPer kg49KachaloPer kg50
10MashPer kg26050ArviPer kg120
11MasoorPer kg25551PumpkinPer kg80
12MoongPer kg155-17252Bitter GourdPer kg
13BeanPer kg53Lady  FingerPer kg
14KorkhaPer kg175-19054ToriPer kg
15Dal ChannaPer kg142-22055TandaPer kg70
16Besan (SO)Per kg125-16556SpinachPer bundle6-10
17Black TeaPer kg120057GarlicPer kg300-340
18Green TeaPer kg110058TomatoPer kg40-60
19Brazilian TeaPer kg1200-140059OnionPer kg190-230
20Green Tea DusPer kg60060PeasPer kg100-120
21Sugar of marketPer kg8461ChillyPer kg100
22Sugar U/storePer kg7062KashmiriPer kg90
23CurdPer kg11563CucumberPer kg70
 24`ShakerPer kg64TurinpPer kg30
25Fresh MilkPer kg110-16065CabbagePer kg30
26Powder MilkPre kg138066Flower CabbagePer kg40
27GurPer kg13067GingerPer kg360-400
28Lose GheePer kg450-47068BingilPer kg60-80
29Desi GheePer kg1800-250069LemonPer kg100
30Edible oilPer kg480-48870Rice SuperiorPer bag

Grocery Items Price List In Pakistan Today -24

Karyana stores abound in Pakistan. They sell groceries as well as household items. Furthermore, they offer the following:

  • Eat
  • Socialize
  • Drink

Pakistan Utility Stores Rate List May

It is an invaluable resource for Pakistanis living there. A price comparison for essentials is provided. Products such as food, fuel, household items, entertainment, clothing, etc., Price comparisons and best deals are easy with the list, which is regularly updated.

Special offers, discounts, and sales are included. The list can help shoppers save money on groceries or other necessities.

karyana Government Rate List Check Online

Purchasing prices for essential commodities and food items have been published in today’s karyana rate list. Price lists are determined by market trends.

These include staples, vegetables, dairy products, cereals, and maximum retail prices (MRP). Bakery items, confectionery items, spices, and seasonings. Customers can compare prices among vendors by seeing the wholesale rate.

Items included in MRPs include:

  • Spices
  • Dairy items
  • Condiments
  • Seasonings
  • Cereals
  • Pulses
  • Staples
  • Vegetables
  • Bakery and confectionery items
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