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Rs. 750 Prize Bond Result List Online Check 17 April, 2024 Draw #94 [Peshawar]

Rs. 750 Prize Bond Result list draw #94 17 April Peshawar city is just around the corner, and people across Pakistan are gearing up for this exciting event. 

Check the complete Rs. 750 prize bond denomination list online at or the official website. The National Bank of Pakistan also provides results on 750 prize bonds according to its schedule In the case of the 750 Rs, the state banks conduct the balloting

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw #94 Peshawar Result 17 April

The prizes for the Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw 94 Peshawar Result 17 April are as follows:

  • First Prize: Rs. 1,500,000/-
  • Second Prize: Rs. 500,000/- each (three prizes)
  • Third Prize: Rs. 9,300/- each (1,696 prizes)

The first prize of Rs. 1,500,000/- is huge, and winning it can change your life forever. In addition to the first prize, you can also win the second and third prizes.

Prize Bond RS. 750/-011,500,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-03500,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-16969,3003rd Prize

Prize Bond Result List 750 Online Check Last 5 Years

As part of the first prize, one lucky winner will receive a prize bond worth 1,500,000 PRK, valued at Rs. 750. In addition, three lucky winners receive second prizes of 750 prize bonds worth Rs. 500,000 each.

The last and third winners of the 750 prize bond will each receive prizes worth Rs. 9,300/-, which will be awarded among them.

Prize bonds are a form of investment that is popular in Pakistan. A government-issued bond is considered to be safe when it comes to investment because it is issued by the government.

The best part about prize bonds is that they have the added benefit of winning big prizes. 

Rs. 750 Prize Bond Result List Online Check (Peshawar City)

A lucky draw is held every few months, and the winners are announced. Depending on the bond denomination, the prize amounts can vary from a few thousand rupees to millions of rupees.

In Pakistan, one of the most popular prize bond events is the Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw 94 Peshawar Result 17 April which is one of the most popular prize bond drawing events.

There are lots of things you need to know about this exciting event, and this article will give you all the necessary information

First Prize Bond No:

2nd Prize Bond No:

750 Prize Bond Online Check All Draw

The Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw 94 Peshawar Result is scheduled to occur on Sunday, 17 April . It is a highly anticipated event, and people across Pakistan eagerly await the results.

Today Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Online Check

If you have purchased a Rs. 750 prize bond, you can check the draw results on the official website of National Savings Pakistan.

You can also check the draw results on various news websites and newspapers. The results are usually announced on the same day as the draw, so keep an eye out for any updates.

Tips for Winning Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw 94 Peshawar Result 17 April

While winning a prize bond draw is a matter of luck, you can follow a few tips to increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Buy more bonds: The more bonds you buy, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Please keep track of your bonds: Make sure to keep your prize bonds in a safe place and keep track of their numbers.
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