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(AC) Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan 2024

The assistance commissioner is one of the top posts in Pakistan. Here I am sharing the Assistant Commissioner salary in Pakistan, basic pay scale allowances, and how to become an Assistant Commissioner (AC).

Assistant Commissioners are often also known as Deputy District officers. They perform the tasks of the Revenue Administration with regard to their official assignments.

Their tasks and assignments are needed to be processed related to the Price Control Magistracy through which you can easily estimate the salary of the Assistant Commissioner (AC) in Pakistan.

How To Become Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan?

The citizens of Pakistan greatly know the post of Assistant Commissioner. It is known as a compelling post, especially in a vicarial area. It is highly considered to be the most powerful governmental post.

It has the most vital role to play in district management setup in sub-continental countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc, and also was the main tier of the British Government as well.

The post of Assistant Commissioner is often confused with the post of Assistant Commissioner (Income Tax), a post of the Federal Board of Revenue. Still, in reality, both of them are pretty different.

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Assistant Commissioner Salary

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Assistant Commissioner Salary In Pakistan?

The basic pay of an Assistant Commissioner salary is Rs. 30,370 to a maximum of Rs. 76,370 alongside many benefits and allowances from the government to BS-17 grade post. Each year an increment, in the month of December, of RS. 2300 is received. The government also provides medical allowances, residence, official vehicle, security staff, travel allowances, and personal employees at Assistant Commissioner Residence.

  • Basic salary: 30370
  • House rent: 16000
  • Conveyance allowance: 8000
  • Medical: 1847
  • Fix allowance: 7000
  • Adhoc relief 2019: (10%) 3037
  • Adhoc relief 2020: (0%) 00
  • Gross Salary: 65000+

(AC) Assistant Commissioner PayScale?

In Pakistan, the BS- 17 posts of AC, officers have the basic Assistant Commissioner Salary is Rs 30,370. Their maximum pay is Rs. 76,370 and they receive an increment of Rs 2300 explained to Assistant Commissioner Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Allowances.

Other benefits, like a driver, a car & fuel, a house, and a utility allowance.

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