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Top 7 Military Colleges In Pakistan 2022

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an officer in the Army, Navy, or Air Force?

For this, you have to first get admission to any reputed Military Colleges In Pakistan. A number of cadet colleges and military-owned educational institutions have sprung up over the years. This creates confusion among parents and students about choosing the right military college for them and their children.

Military Colleges In Pakistan

Military College Jhelum was established in 1954 under the auspices of the Army Education Corps (AEC) and is still maintained and managed.

The college building was constructed during the period between 1903 – 1908 AD when it served as the center of the military farm, which supplied fresh vegetables to the soldiers stationed at Mardan Fort during British rule. It became a military institution in 1954 and remains so to date except for a brief period in 1971 when it was taken over by the government of Punjab.

History of Military Cadet Colleges

Their numbers increased as a result of the expansion of Pakistan’s armed forces and the broadening of the social base of its officer corps since the 1960s. Cadet Colleges and their distribution across the country.

List of Best Military Colleges in Pakistan

1. Military Cadet College Jhelum:

Military Cadet College Jhelum

Let’s not confuse Cadet College Jhelum with Military College Jhelum. Both are separate and distinguished institutions dedicated to producing highly trained military officers. Military College Jhelum (MCJ) was established in March 1922 and is one of the oldest yet one of the best military colleges.

Regardless of the physical location of this college in the Gujarat district of Sarai Alamgir, it is still considered the Military College of Jhelum. MCJ has produced many talented and capable individuals, including 1 Nishan Haider and 47 Star Jarat recipients. MCJ pass-outs are given permanent further admission to Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. Admissions in grades 8 to 12 are made to students known as “cadets”.

Every year around 650-700 students struggle to get admission to MCJ. Seven student wings at MCJ compete against each other in extra-curricular activities to achieve success for their respective houses.

Location: Military College Jhelum Main GT Road Saray Alamgeer Punjab, Pakistan.


2. Military Cadet College Murree (Upper Topa):

Military College Murree

Established on 1 September 2008, Military College Murree (MCM) has earned a prominent name among the best military colleges in Pakistan. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani laid the foundation stone of MCM located at Upper Topa, Murree near Rawalpindi. Pakistan military controls this boarding school.

Like Military College Jhelum, pass-outs of MCM are admitted to Pakistan Military Academy Kakool.

Around about 450 students take admission to this boarding institute every year. A faculty of about 40 teachers teach grades eight through twelve.

MCM has 5 hostels called “Ghars”. Science and computer labs are equipped with modern and advanced technology. A round-the-clock medical ward is established in the college headed by AMC officer Dr. In case of serious health problems, students are taken to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Murree or CMH Rawalpindi.

To sharpen the mental and physical abilities of the students, various recreational events and trips are organized by the college societies and clubs, including:

  • Karate and Gymnastics Club
  • Arts and Science Club
  • Debating Club

The Military College Murree (Upper Topa) has produced many capable military officers and civilians.

Location: Induction Branch, Upper Topa Murree, Murree Hills, Punjab.


3. Military Cadet College Sui:

Military Cadet College Sui

Military College Sui located in Sui, Dera Bugti Tehsil of Balochistan is one of the top military colleges in Pakistan. Every year hundreds of students compete for admission to this prestigious institution and only 470-500 meritorious students get admission. Military College Sui was established in January 2011.

Although the college was established only a few years ago, it has quickly made a respectable name for itself. There are four boarding hostels/houses for students studying in classes VIII to XII.

A highly trained teaching staff of around 30-40 is employed here. This college has so far produced numerous meritorious individuals who serve Pakistan as part of Pakistan’s military personnel or contribute as civilians.

Like the Military Colleges of Jhelum and Murree (Upper Topa), pass outs of Military College Sui get admission to Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

Location: Sui Tehsil, Dera Bugti, Balochistan


4. PAF Cadet College Sargodha:

 PAF Cadet College Sargodha

Established in 1953, PAF College Sargodha has produced many notable alumni over the years, including several Air Chief Marshals and other notables who have served in Pakistan as part of the Army or as civilians. are giving PAF College Sargodha is owned and managed by the Pakistan Air Force.

To get admission here, you must be able to pass the following admission steps:

  • Written-test
  • Intelligence test
  • Medical examination
  • The interview

The health of the students is taken care of as regular vaccinations, medical check-ups, and fitness activities are organized to ensure their perfect health of the students.

Location: PAF College Queen Chowk Near PAF Base Mushaf Sargodha.


5. Military Cadet College Murree (Lower Topa)

Military Colleges In Pakistan

The PAF College Murree on Lower Topa is quite different from the Military College Murree (MCM). The College is administered by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Students can apply here for admission from the 8th to the intermediate level.

A written and intelligence test is conducted for admission. This is followed by a medical examination and an interview. PAF College Murree (Lower Topa) has made it mandatory for all pass-outs to submit a bond to ensure that they will serve in any branch of the Pakistan Air Force.

Location: Lower Topa, Rawalpindi, Punjab


6. Military College of Engineering:

Military Colleges In Pakistan

The Pakistan Military runs the Military College of Engineering (MCE). It is affiliated with NUST and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Located in Risalpur, Nowshera district, MCE was founded in 1948. MCE offers war courses and civil engineering degrees.

Many graduates of this prestigious college serve in the Pakistani Armed Forces or are held as senior officers.

Location: Risalpur, Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


7. Army Burn Hall College:

Burn hall college

Administered by the Pakistan Army Education Corps since 1977, the Army Barn Hall College in Abbottabad has separate sections for girls (in Mall) and boys (in Mandian).

Pre-classes starting from 5th are conducted along with classes up to Matric and Intermediate. Army Barnhall College also conducts O Level and A Level courses. One of the mandatory admission requirements is that all candidates should be medically fit and healthy to apply for admission to this college.

Activities of various drama, arts, and debating clubs are formed, and various personality development programs are organized frequently. This training combined with sports exercises helps the students to stay mentally and physically fit.

Many pass outs of Army Barnhall College usually join the armed forces to serve Pakistan.

Location: Mandian, Mansehra Bypass Road, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Eligibility Criteria to Join Pakistan Military Academy

Selection for PMA (Pakistan Military Academy) in a long course is open to all citizens, irrespective of their religion, region, caste, or creed.

■ Cadet Life:
Cadets should expect to get to know each other well during the various training events as they work side by side to accomplish the following objectives:

■ How is PT and waking up early?
PT is fun and stimulating and gives cadets an opportunity to increase their physical fitness.

■ Uniform on campus:
Wearing the uniform is a very rewarding experience. Many times a cadet may be asked what the different patches mean, why a patrol cap should be worn, and many other questions.

Scope of Military Colleges in Pakistan

Military Colleges Jobs in Pakistan are offered twice a year. Educated youth are recruited as officers in the Pakistan Army through long PMA courses. Direct Short Service Commission in Pakistan Army can be obtained after BA or BSc degree. A soldier is trained in such a way that he can fight the enemy in any situation. Therefore, officers and soldiers are expected to cope with a wide variety of situations. Apart from this, there are many benefits of joining the Pakistan Army. Many facilities are provided. A well-defined path with no uncertain future.

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