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How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan? (Complete Guide)

Lawyers are representing the legal system for people, government agencies, and businesses. They can prepare the legal documents for instant wills, deeds and contracts and interprets laws, regulations, and rulings.

The Law sector is important to maintain the legal criteria in any country. So, when you become a lawyer improve your social status first because this profession gives you respect and honor.

How to Become a Lawyer In Pakistan?

As you all know that the Lawyer field is too vast and everyone wants to become a professional lawyer in the interested field. If you are one of those then this article is for you.

There are various steps for interested candidates can fulfill to become a lawyer.

  • Those candidates who have passed their intermediate degree in any relevant field FSC pre-medical, FA, ICS, or ICOM passed candidates can get admission to the LLB program. Candidates must get the highest marks in HSSC according to the universities merit level.
  • Initially, you need to complete your LLB degree. Two possibilities
    1. LLB 3 years: For Bachelor’s degree candidates BA, B.COM, BSC or equivalent minimum 2nd division.
    2. LLB Honours: For intermediates degree candidates FA, FSC, ICOM minimum 2nd division.
  • The most important point is to Practice law for 5 Years.
  • Get a job in any law firm.
  • Faced the challenges of being the part of a Pakistani lawyer

How to Become a Judge in Pakistan?

How to get a law degree in Pakistan?

A Law degree is one of the most important degrees to have in Pakistan, law is the most largest and lucrative sector in Pakistan. Many reasons people pursue a law degree and one of the best reasons is you become a better lawyer and easily able to understand the law, how to legal system worked, and the constitution of Pakistan. Your company and client will get help to understand the law.

But is a challenging field, But it’s worth every ounce of effort. The first and most important step is to enroll yourself in law school and pass the advocateship, including the 2 years of undergraduate study by the rule of 4 year LLB certification +6months particle experience and voice viva ground with other candidates.

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To become a lawyer the newcomers must practice for two years.

  1. “Bar Council License” for legal practice in High Court gets two years of law court experience.
  2. With 10 years of experience in the high court, lawyers can get promotions to get cases on the supreme court level.
  3. With the prescribed fee the bar court council renewed the registration every year.

How to Get a Job at a Law Firm?

If you become a lawyer need to be a job in a good law firm. In the below procedure I will be told you the ideas about a job in a good law firm.

  • Prepare: You must be a good profile to show off and the cover letter is in attractive form.
  • Apply: Once you prepare yourself well it’s time to apply for the job that is according to the company’s requirements.
  • Interview: You must prepare for all questions and answers asked by you. Body language and accent are the manager’s focal points during the interview.
  • In the end, you just need to know that the above will meet the requirements of the good firm. After following up the steps and decision is upped to you whether this firm is suitable for your work experience or not, If yes then continue the job with the firm.

Take a look at the Categories of lawyers in Pakistan

  1. Business lawyer 
  2.  Bankruptcy lawyer
  3. Tax lawyer 
  4. Defense lawyer 
  5. Constitutional lawyer 
  6.  Family lawyer
  7. Labor lawyer
  8. Estate planning lawyer
  9. Immigration lawyer
  10. Personal injury lawyer
  11.  Intellectual property lawyer
  12. Entertainment Lawyer
  13. Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  14.  Contract Lawyer
  15.  Social-Security Disability Lawyer
  16. Government Lawyer
  17. Military Lawyer
  18. Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer
  19. Environmental Lawyer
  20. Real Estate or Property Lawyer
  21. Toxic Tort Lawyer
  22.  Video Game Lawyer
  23. Public-Interest Lawyer
  24.  Digital Media and Internet Lawyer
  25. Finance and Securities Lawyer
  26. Civil Rights Lawyer
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