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Police Ranks In Pakistan With Salary Details 2024

The police force is set up to maintain the peace in the country. There are a lot of crimes in the country from Taliban attacks to fourth crimes. Check policeranks in Pakistan with salary detail here.

The demand for this job is high as everyone from the fourth level to senior has arduous duties. Police hire intelligent and fit people, as you know that the training is tough.

Punjab Police Force is responsible to maintain law and order, Each department of police loves their homeland and performs duties to maintain peace.

The government of Punjab has reportedly changed the ranks and pay scale. Jamia taleem provides you with the latest updates about the Punjab police ranks in Pakistan and salaries details.

Here you get details about Pakistan police ranks with salary, pay scales, and information about allowances.

Police Ranks In Pakistan With Salary

The Government provides many facilities to the police department which include salary, healthcare, education, and other things. Even after retirement Government provides a handsome amount of substantial sum of money as a pension.

Junior Police Force Ranks in Pakistan

Salary is determined by the number of new and experienced police, as well as the allowances paid by the province. These salaries increase every year, and the basic salaries of the police are listed here.

  • Constable (PC)
  • Head Constable (HC)
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI)
  • Sub-Inspector of Police (SI)
  • Inspector of Police (IP)

The constable is a junior police staff. The age of a junior policeman is between 18 to 26years. The grade depends on province constable grades between BPS-7 and BPS-5.

Matric passes candidates can apply as constable.

Constable (PC) 25,260 and 500 annual incrementBPS-5 & BPS-7

The head constable is higher than the constable. The head constable grades vary between the BPS-7 to BPS-9.

2 1
Head Constable (HC) 29,290 with the 610 annual incrementsBPS-9

ASI has performed its duty as a civil department. The civil services grades are BPS-9 to BPS-11.

Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI)33,670 with 730 annual incentive BPS-9 to BPS-11.

Sub-Inspector is the in-charge of a small police station Or performs duties in town and cities. The grade of SI is BPS-14.

Sub-Inspector of Police (SI)50,280 and annual increment 1,170BPS-14

IP is the head of the police station. The inspector of police rank is higher than the other junior ranks. IP serves as a SHOs, at BPS – 16 rank scale.

Inspector of Police (IP)64,510 with 1,520 yearly incrementSHO post

Senior Police Force Ranks in Pakistan

Each branch of police does hard work to maintain peace and safety for citizens. In the police department, the highest ranks are as follows.

  • Assistant/Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP/DSP)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) 
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) 
  • Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG or Addl. IG)
  • Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

 Each year an increment, in the month of December, of RS. 2300 is received. The government also provides medical allowances, residence, official vehicle, security staff, and travel allowances.

ASP/ DSP performs its duties at the sub-division level. The district is divided into subdivisions so that the dupty and superintendent of the police are in charge of the subdivision in the district.

Qualifications required for the ASP/ DSP ranks are a bachelor’s degree. The grade of this rank is BPS-17.
Candidates, ages must be between 21 to 28 years.

1 1
Assistant/Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP/DSP)76,370 along with 2,300 yearly incentivesBPS-17

Superintendent is in charge of the non-field post. The superintendent police grade is BPS-18.

2 2
Superintendent of Police (SP)95,750 along with 2,870 annual base benefitBPS-18

The Senior superintendent of police is the DPO of headquarters or as a non-field post.
The service at the non-field post as senior superintendent at police headquarter, at the rank of BPS-19.

3 1
Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) 120,210 is the highest pay along with 3,050BPS-19

The DIG rank is BPS- 20. The Dupty inspector general serves as an RPO or CPO. DIG performs the duty at the division level or wing.

4 1
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) 132,230 is the highest salary with 4,510 is the annually incentiveBPS- 20

DIG performs the duty at the division level but the additional inspector general is responsible for the whole region or district level.
Additional inspector general rank is at BPS-21.

5 1
Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG or Addl. IG)146, 720 is the highest income along with 5,000 annual incrementBPS-21

The inspector general of police is the highest rank. IGP is in charge of the provisional or administrative policy establishment.
Inspector General police is serve as a PPO.
The grading scale for this service is BPS-21 or BPS-22.

Inspector General of Police (IGP)164,560 is the highest pay with 5,870BPS-21 or BPS-22

The Punjab Police is staffed by officers of the Punjab Police and the Police Service of Pakistan. The above-mentioned salaries are estimated,

To join the police department the educational level must be matric for the constable post. If someone wants to join as an officer so, must be a bachelor’s degree holder.

The procedure for joining the police is to clear fitness and medical test. Again highest marks in written and then call for the interview the desired candidates.

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